Consists of the following Elements


CipherLab 9400 handheld device

- Cradle for the Cipherlab 9400 together with a Spare Battery
- USB cable to connect Cipherlab to Laptop or Desktop PC (Laptop and Desktop PC are not included)
- SupaScale CD

Detachable Scale Module with integral battery and electronics

(An optional printer is included as in the image above if requested. The standard model does not include the printer.)

- Cable for connecting the control unit to the Load Beams
- Load Beams (either newly made up, or your old beams converted to comply with SupaScale)

Technical Features

- Rugged handheld PDA with built in 2D barcode scanner
- Wireless Bluetooth link to weigh sensors
- Advanced weighing algorithms with adjustable filter rates selectable on the Handheld unit
- Full barcode support and management
- Customized ear tags with customer data and 2D laser etched barcodes
- User printable durable self adhesive tag labels
- Direct Interface to SupaStud cattle management software package (optional)
- Capability to interface handheld to multiple weigh stations (up to 255)

Software and Operational Features

- Data seamlessly synchronised between the handheld unit and the PC software
- Setup of animal data on either the Handheld unit or the PC
- Management Groups for working with user definable groups of animals
- Graphical historical display of animal weight data
- Storage of rainfall data
- Backup of animal data

Handheld Features

- Automatic logging of animal weights together with a date and time stamp
- Graphical historical view of animal's weight variation
- Simple barcode assignment to animals
- Rainfall data recording
- Setup of animal data

Weigh Sensor Features

- Static passive universal load beams
- Detachable Scale Module with integral battery and electronics
- Ultra Rugged, available in stainless steel or powder coated finish


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