SupaScale Wireless Animal Scale for Pocket PC's &
Pocket PC Enabled Cell Phones

We currently support Pocket PC's and Pocket PC enabled Cellphones. Not only does SupaScale do away with all those bothersome cables; you can now load it on your Cellphone* and weigh your animals with your Cell Phone.

Pocket PC Requirements:
Requires Windows Mobile 5.0 or above.
The Pocket PC must have a Bluetooth adapter or it will not work.

* Pocket PC Phones:
Requires windows Mobile 5.0 or above.
The Cellphone must have Bluetooth or it will not work.
[Currently we have tested on the HTC Tytan Pocket PC phones.]
Please contact us to make sure it will work on your cellphone.

You must download the Pocket PC version of the installer.
On XP set up a partnership using Active Sync on your PC after you have connected your device to your PC with the supplied cable. On Vista you must set up a partnership using the Windows Mobile Device Centre.
Now run the file you downloaded on your Desktop or Laptop PC. (Do not copy this file to the Pocket PC or Phone). It will then procede to install. Be patient while it appears that there is no activity, as the microsoft installer is busy uncompressing. You must click yes on your Pocket PC or Phone to complete the installation, when prompted to do so.

When you run the Program for the first time on the Pocket PC, you will be requested to enter a Key, and you can contact us to obtain it.

You will require a set of beams that have been wired to support our Scale module to be used with your Cell Phone or Pocket PC. We can either supply you with a new set of beams, together with the Scale modules, or we can upgrade your current beams, if they meet our basic requirements. For more info please contact us.




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